Clubs affiliated with Gymnastics Australia not currently delivering FreeG, are able to update the programs they deliver via their state association. Clubs need to agree to the below program delivery guidelines and they can get started with FreeG.

  • All FreeG programs/classes/sessions are conducted by an Intermediate coach of GFA, MAG, WAG, ACR and/or TUM and has completed a FreeG Workshop.
  • All FreeG participants are registered in the National Database under the correct Athlete Coding.
    - Gymsport: Gymnastics for All (GfA)
    - Level: FG
  • The use of the FreeG logo and development of any promotional material and merchandise is in accordance with the FreeG Branding guidelines.
  • Has read and understood the FreeG Club Guide which includes the FreeG branding guidelines. The Club Guide is viewable in the affiliation portal.