FreeG programs keep gymnasts in UK clubs!

GfA Technical Committee member Ben Cork recently visited clubs in the UK to find out how the FreeG program is helping to retain their athletes and attract new young members off the street.  ‘1066’ Gymnastics Club coach Liam Noakes discusses how his club is benefiting by offering the FreeG program. 

According  to Noakes, clubs don’t need any special equipment to run FreeG, “At the end of the day the whole sport is supposed to be exploring it yourself, building it yourself so if they think of new ideas without the equipment already set up for them, then they are going to learn more”.  


If your club would like to be listed as offering  a FreeG  program on the new FreeG website contact Robyn Tribe, National Participation Manager at Gymnastics Australia at [email protected] or call  (03) 8698 9718.

We are counting down to the launch of FreeG at the National Clubs Competition in Bendigo!