FreeG Grand Prix Series Opener in NSW

The first FreeG Grand Prix in Australia kicked off on Sunday – with the first of three competitions before the final, held at Kimnastix in NSW. 

The athletes had a walk-through of the course and warmed up before competing in two categories; the Speed Run and Freestyle.

The Speed Run is timed and the goal is to go from A to B with efficiency, by using specific Freestyle moves to overcome obstacles. Freestyle requires athletes to use impressive moves to work through obstacles showing creativity and mastery within 90 seconds whilst funky music is played. 

The audience above the obstacles in the mezzanine and along the sides of the gym floor were enthralled, yelling ‘Checkpoint’ to remind the athletes to touch the checkpoint before moving on in the course and cheering athletes from all clubs as they competed the high-energy and fast paced course.  

A grandfather spectating, also an ex-gymnast from the 60’s, took the time to approach us and let us know it was “a fantastic program and he can’t wait to see it grow.” 

Ian Hardy, CEO of one of Australia's largest clubs - Manly Warringah Gymnastics Club - and FreeG enthusiast took a moment prior to presentations to say, “FreeG is only going to get bigger and better.”  Gymnastics Australia agrees and is excited, hoping as many people as possible can join us on this FreeG journey!

This event was organised by volunteers of the Gymnastics NSW Sports Management Committee – Gymnastics for All; Ben Cork - Technical Director and Chloe Kerr - FreeG Coordinator, who have a passion and drive for FreeG in their state and nationwide which is evident in their enthusiasm throughout the Grand Prix event. The event could also not go ahead if it wasn’t for the host Club – Kimnastix, judges from surrounding FreeG clubs as well as the FreeG coaches and athletes. 

FreeG was first developed by British Gymnastics and fuses traditional gymnastics and acrobatic tricks, with kicks and leaps. It gets your body moving in ways never thought possible and your heart racing. If you want to get involved in FreeG and ‘Release your freedom’ make sure to contact us!